Summer Explosion Smoothie

Summer Explosion Smoothie

Experience the ultimate drink and a craving you'll never forget with the Summer Explosion Smoothie. A work of art that is incredibly easy to make yet has impactful and explosive flavoring. The perfect healthy refresher for the whole family, kids absolutely love them. Had a hard day of adulting or looking to spice it up? Add your favorite alcohol into the mix for bonus fun and flavoring. This recipe works beautifully with our White Kiwi Balsamic and White Tropical Passion Balsamic



Put in 4-5 strawberries, the flesh from a wedge of watermelon, and a peeled chopped kiwi into a blender or smoothie maker. Add a sparing drizzle of White Kiwi Balsamic and White Tropical Passion Balsamic and whizz until smooth. Add a little water if it’s too thick.

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