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Amazing new stores are coming into existence!

Posted 6 years 348 days ago ago by Super Max
Super Max

Amazing new OLiV stores are coming into existence. From the get-go “The OLiV Tasting Room” ventured far from the "normal" business model, by selling only two lines of product. These two products lines are exceptional quality extra virgin olive oils, and balsamic vinegars. At OLiV, we are all about the experience. But don’t take my word for it; come experience it for your self by visiting one of our new stores.

The OLiV team pride themselves on being able to give you an experience that is like no other. One that will tantalize your taste buds and infuse you with the desire to change your lifestyle in a fun, exciting and easy way. All in all, the OLiV Tasting Room not only promises, but delivers on the promise of something fresh, something exciting, and the feel good positive experience that will make you wish you could own your own store.

Whether it is your first time in the store or your tenth, you will always be greeted with a cheery smile, welcomed by a positive team member and be treated like one of the members of the greater OLiV family; after you’ve entered those doors that is exactly who you become! Sound exciting?

Then visit your local OLiV store for your free tastings today, no appointments necessary. 


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