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As with most successful adventures, it all starts with an unexpected coincidence, a little luck, some planning and great chemistry. So it is with OLiV. The Founding partners of OLiV, Awie and Isabeau du Toit came across the concept of a retail shop dedicated to olive oil and balsamic vinegar while Isabeau was visiting New Mexico. Never would she have thought that chance encounter would lead to the OLiV Company of today. Having previously acquired property in a wine producing area in the Western Cape province of South Africa, she and Awie decided growing olives to produce oil (Awie is a practicing radiologist) was a much better fit with his profession as a medical doctor than growing grapes to produce alcohol. This land acquisition combined with the bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar set in motion a chain of events that has resulted into a fully developed Olive farm in South Africa and, with the addition of two new partners, a rapidly expanding network of retail stores across Canada. With, this the concept of ‘Branch to Bottle” was born.

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EVOO History

Healthy Eating! Healthy You!

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and True Balsamic Vinegars go back thousands of years, reportedly as early as 3,000 B.C.

Throughout history the olive tree has been a source of food, fuel, timber and medicine for many civilizations. It is no wonder that in 1813 Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America is quoted in a letter to James Ronaldson as saying “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven”! A few tablespoons of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day can help with cardio vascular disease, lower cholestorol and improve metabolism.

In ancient times, Balsamic vinegar was used to help relieve pain, treat infections and wounds because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is also an excellent agent to help improve digestion, regulate blood sugar and cleanse the liver.

Let OLiV Tasting Room help you get back to including wholesome foods of the highest quality in your every day routine, and discover the positive impact premium extra virgin olive oils and true balsamic vinegars can have in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about OLiV products? Check out our most frequently asked questions for more information about extra virgin olive oils, true balsamic vinegars as well as other great OLiV merchandise! Have we missed something? Send us your questions and we would be happy to answer them for you! And, if we don’t have the answer, we’ll do our best to find someone who does! Read More


“Great work! Such an amazing experience to spread and share with others. Thank You!” –Janessa Coute

“Very good service and such a classy store!! We loved the experience. Thank You!!” –Sophie and Family

“First experience of flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Great Idea! Unique and special!" –Carol Pordo, Israel

“What a wonderful and healthy concept! Will definitely return for more!” –Bernie and Albert, Toronto

“YUM. Coming back again and again. Thank you!” –Tatiana

“Butter oil was AMAZING!! We will definitely be using lots!!” –Sydney D., James Town, NY

“Fig Balsamic and Lime Olive Oil combination was SO delish! Thanks for sharing!” –Irene Hall, Hamilton  

“4th time here in 16 months and our 5th bottle of something or other is what we are walking away with. Close this place down or sell me the business!!! You have excellent products!!!” –Armando and Anna, Toronto  

“The flavors we had we would never have dreamed of, let alone tasted – quite an experience, Thanks!” –Ronnie

“This was real fun- and delicious too! The Ginger Sesame oil was too fabulous.” –Ginger Sachen

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We at OLiV Tasting Room would love to hear about YOUR personal OLiV experience! Let us know how OLiV’s premium extra virgin olive oils and true balsamic vinegars have made a difference in your life. Have a story to share about our “I Love My Skin” skin care line? We would love to hear that too! Each month we will feature a customer’s testimonial. We love hearing from you, so tell us about your OLiV moment!





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